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Volume Eyelash Extension

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Volume lash extension is the most desired lash look.  If you are looking for the easiest fanning lash extensions you can find this in the Lux Pro lash extension products.  It comes in a variety of sizing & thickness.  Mega Volume products are also now available!!



Can lash extensions affect my natural lashes? Generally no. If well placed and not too heavy, they will not affect your natural lashes.

How long is a professional lash extension placement? It can take about 1-4 hour depending on style, so be patient and set time aside for a perfect lash job.

Can I use any type of makeup on my extensions? Use mascara that is lash extension friendly.

Making Lash Extension Last Longer:

  • Do not get them wet for at least 24 hours after application
  • Always use lash sealant as directed to protect the glue for longer
  • Proper application

Use lash bath to care and clean your extensions!

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