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Free Shipping for purchases over $99 (U.S Only)

About Us

Our Founder

 Georgia Lopez  

I am the proud owner of LUXPro & also a active Esthetician of Lux Studios established in 2011.  I have always been the one friends & family came to growing up to do their hair & make-up so naturally pursuing the beauty industry was my first choice . I’ve always had this obsession with make-up & aesthetically pretty things!  

I have been Lashing for about 10 years now & have been a Esthetician for 13 years.  Everyday I am so grateful for having a career that I absolutely love & look forward going to.  A huge passion of mine is Education , I really believe in supporting others.  This industry is full of knowledge & I love learning from from one another.  I’m excited for this new chapter of my life of growth & change.   I’ve been able to guide many careers & really am grateful for all the gals I’ve met & currently work along side with!   

Thank you to everyone for all your support & love!

XO Georgia