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Luxury Gel Remover
Luxury Gel Remover

Luxury Gel Remover

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Lash removal needs care, attention and the right remover. This is where Lux Pro’s gel-based Luxury Gel Remover comes to the rescue. It helps with professional dissolving of lash glue. It stands out because it has a thicker formula which will not cause any damage to your lashes as it works.

Perfect for professional lash removal

Thick gel formula to stay on lashes

How to use: Ensure gel lash removal doesn't enter eye.  Use an application brush to gently dab the base of your clients lashes.  Glue will loosen up & you may then start to brush off or use a swab to remove.  Rinse clients eyes with solution. 



Size: 10 Ml

What if gel remover enters my eye? You can flush the affected eye under water or saline for about until client feels no sting.

How long before the remover works?  Gel lash remover starts working within minutes . The eyelash adhesive will start to break down easily for removal.

What if I apply excess gel remover? Use cotton swabs to clean out as much gel remover as possible. Next, have clients wash face and the eye area before opening their eye.

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