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Classic Lash Extension

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Fancy some silky-looking quality lashes? Lux Pro’s classic lash extension gives you that faux Minx feel. If you are going for a natural but dimensional look, then think of getting these lash extensions. Most artists love a natural curve or curl and you can find this in the Lux Pro lash extension.]

Natural colour

Thick faux minx feel

Comes in different thickness levels

How to Use:  Apply adhesive on your lashes when ready to apply. Use volume tweezers to put them into place. For best results, use isolation tweezers to cater to individual strands. Apply mascara and lash sealant and you are good to go.



Available in different sizes

Can lash extensions affect my natural lashes? Generally no. If well placed and not too heavy, they will not affect your natural lashes.

How long is a professional lash extension placement? It can take about 1-4 hour depending on look, so be patient and set time aside for a perfect lash job!

Can I use any type of makeup on my extensions? Use mascara that is lash extension friendly.

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